Through our love & support we are igniting hope for those who have been enslaved in sexual exploitation. Also to the community through awareness education. Once the home is fully operational, victims will be able to leave Redeem and Restore Center and be true survivors, and overcomers.


233 Oakton Av

Pewaukee WI 53072

E: admin@redeemandrestore.org

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Redeem and Restore Center is a public benefit 501c3 nonprofit charity founded in September 2013.  We recognize that we can provide needed awareness education, outreach, services, and care for the victims of sex trafficking by building great community partnerships and collaboration with existing organizations throughout the state.

We are committed to success in each aspect of our mission to those entrapped in the ‘no life’ of trafficking and exploitation.  Our volunteers and staff will love unconditionally, help restore brokenness to wholeness, provide ongoing support, and giving empowerment through each step of their journey.

The responsibility that is needed in caring for these women will take a strong foundation of integrity with each person directly involved with them.  It will always take teamwork of vetted staff and volunteers to be consistent and reliable.  We will provide structure, safety, and quality in each program, but respecting their individuality.

We are a christian based organization and we will serve each person without requiring them to embrace our beliefs.  We will demonstrate the love of Jesus in practical ways: providing a safe home, food, clothing, access to medical care, counseling, educational opportunities, and vocational training.

                                     1 John 3:18 says “Dear children let us not love with words or tongue, but with action and in truth.”

God is at the center of all we do.  Because of what we believe…

We desire and are prepared to serve others before ourselves in love with authenticity, humility and a sacrificial attitude.

Together we love, restore and support women escaping from domestic sex trafficking and exploitation. We help women discover hope and a bright future- to truly be human again!
To promote awareness that leads to prevention, intervention, and restoration for women that have been exploited.  We are continually sharing our vision for the need of the safe housing and services for foundational restoration of survivors- redeeming and restoring lives and ushering in a cultural transformation. 
As we educate on the destructive truth of domestic sex trafficking, we’re addressing cultural norms that add to the problem, sharing tools for prevention of others becoming enslaved, equipping and leading others for outreach intervention, providing hope and a future by restoring value to survivors through safe housing and services needed. With our love and support, we’re are igniting hope for those who have been enslaved and giving to the community through what we can do!   Redeem and Restore Center helps more women are able to overcome the enslavement they’ve been placed into  and live out their days in true freedom. 
Words from Trafficked Survivor
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Board Members

Chaplain Krista Hull, President and Founder
Previous Business Owner

Krista is the founder and executive director for Redeem and Restore Center. 

She is inspired by the courage and resiliency of women survivors, and believes that together with God’s help, we can restore women to a life of freedom! 

Fueled with compassion, Krista’s desire to help hurting women stems from being a survivor of child sexual abuse and abandonment. She knows God's great love, power and justice in her life. With that, she perseveres in honesty, vulnerability, integrity and strength as a passionate speaker and chaplain.  She is a Crisis Intervention Specialist, and an alumna of the FBI Citizens Academy and Waukesha County Sheriffs Citizens Academy.

She is married, and a mother to two young adults.  In her free time, Krista enjoys her personal water garden retreat or on an adventure in the outdoors!



Val Laperruque, Vice President           

She has two adult children, resides in Pewaukee, runs her own salon, and committed to giving everything she has within her to think outside the box and help us open our home and love, restore, and support broken and hurting women.

Kristie Cooper
Talented Creative

She is married, has four young children she home schools and resides in Waukesha.  A Vintage Pearls team leader  that is passionate for exploited women to find freedom in the love of Jesus.   

Megan McCray

She is has 4 young children and operates her business- Sidekick Accounting with 5 employees.  She is passionate about closing the cycle of abuse of women and helping individuals to be recovered and thriving!

Advisory Board Members

Lisa Bergersen
 Wife, Mother, Workplace Attorney, Investigator, Consultant

April Bentley
 Mother, Author, Songstress, Speaker, Survivor, Founder & Executive Director of RUBIES

Elizabeth Carlson
Wife, Mother, Founding Board Member, Graphic Designer 

Founding Board Members