Even though bars, hotels, strip clubs, massage parlors, escort services across the nation, have been closed or very limited in hours of operations due to required lockdowns, this has done nothing to curb the demand for commercial sexual services.

We have heard from many women who work in strip clubs. They still need to make money like we need to. In most cases there is not unemployment, being primarily a cash business.

SO what do they do?

They do what they know and probably even more than they really imagined. They do what has been normal for them.

The pressure is on, so they feel constantly pushed past their boundaries (that were already pushed past what they had thought). Many are working in full prostitution*, web-camming, and/or creating amateur porn for subscription based websites.

*Full prostitution: Selling full sex and any added requests. Normally, small sex acts are performed in strip clubs in ‘stalls’ or in 'party rooms'.

Did you know that commercial sex industry fuels sex trafficking. They are interrelated businesses that are preying on the vulnerable. 70% of female trafficking victims are trafficked into the commercial sex industry. That means that they are working in porn, escorting, massage parlors, street prostitution, and strip clubs.

Maybe you still question the idea of trafficking and exploitation as a sex industry. Let me explain. Both are a supply and demand issue. If there were no demand for sex, there would be no supply and people wouldn’t be exploited to meet the demand.

What makes an industry?

The demand for a product(buyers), a professional marketing & selling that product (a pimp/trafficker/porn company/strip club/massage parlor), and then a ready supply of vulnerable people to be manipulated/coerced into being the product: a thriving Sex Industry.

Since the pandemic, and the lockdowns of businesses, we are seeing evidence that the demand has actually increased. Streets are busier with people being sold, major porn sites have reported an instant increase in the percentage of porn use, new sites and new users have appeared daily, and sex appointments be made in homes and in hotels.

When you look at sexual addiction and the triggers for someone to engage in these habits, it makes perfect sense that the sex industry is thriving even more during this un-normal time we are experiencing. Most people are increasingly socially disconnected, isolated, and anxious, which lead to the triggers like loneliness, depression, validation, anxiety….

All of these things are triggering users and buyers and driving demand- however they can get it!

We haven’t even dug into what it looks like when they are under the control of a pimp/trafficker. The pimps/traffickers are driven by power and money.

They have felt the pressure too. How do you think that has played out upon those being sold? Being on the street is riskier business. The hotels are less busy, now they may be more noticeable using the hotels. They want more money not less. They will do what they need to do too.

We are still reaching out to these women. We are still praying even one is pushed to courageously step away and try to find other opportunities to grow and make an income.

We are still working hard to raise funds to open our restorative care home for women. A home that sees them as a whole person, providing opportunities to heal in every way they have been broken: physically, emotionally, psychologically, relationally & spiritually. A home to build a foundation to become whole, to have the first real chance to become who they were made to be!

Chaplain Krista Hull

Founder & Executive Director of Redeem and Restore Center

Redeem and Restore Center (RRC) in Wisconsin is committed to serving, supporting, and loving survivors of sex trafficking. RRC’s goal is to buy a home in Waukesha County, in Wisconsin to give a safe place for survivors to heal and hear about Jesus. While restoration after such complex trauma is slow, a home with appropriate trauma counseling and resources is the proven method for providing a solid foundation from which the survivor can start to rebuild their lives.

Since working with RRC, my prayer list has gotten quite lengthy, and I am certainly asking for things much bigger than I normally do.

  • Home in Waukesha County that will have 5 bedrooms (research has shown that 5 survivors is the ideal number of survivors per home), some acreage (for the chickens, goats, and maybe even horses), away from convenience stores and quick exits, etc….

  • After the $500,000 for the initial cost of the home, enough funding to sustain the home, paid staff, food, clothing, trauma counseling etc…

  • Oh, and did I mention, that there are 350,000 US Citizens sold into sex trafficking each year in the United States? There are about 55 homes in the US, and at about 5 survivors per home, you can do the math!

A few weeks ago, as my head was spinning with these numbers and the enormity of the problem was overwhelming me. I started to pray about businesses that I would specifically target in prayer; retail stores that are headquartered in Wisconsin and provide products that a home needs like home improvement stores, and furniture stores. It was then, that I thought about how great it would be in this home, if we had a big cozy sectional facing a TV over a fireplace. This would be a well-made sectional with solid construction, so it could handle the many women flopping on it after a long day. I pictured a warm color, with pillows and throws to provide not only comfort, but that feeling of home and safety that most of us have in our own living rooms, but many survivors have never had. I pictured these 5 women all stretched out, with a big ottoman in the middle, and bunny slippers sneaking out from underneath the blankets that cover each women as she is all nestled in, slurping on a Diet Coke and munching on popcorn.

It was then, that the thought crossed my mind, and out of my mouth flowed, “But, I am sure you (God) won’t let us have that sectional, since it’s me who asked!” I immediately felt in my spirit, “that isn’t true”. It all happened so fast, I had to stop and think through it; did I really just tell the Creator of the Universe that I thought He would purposefully withhold a high end sectional out of spite or because it was specifically me asking? I was projecting my own feelings of unworthiness onto God. I knew instantly, that since my statement was not true, I needed to be reminded of what was true.

“Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him? (Matt 7:9-10)

In our daily lives, we can easily project our feelings and brokenness onto God. In our limited scope and perspective, we can miss or ignore the truth about our God and His character. I felt foolish and repented of that sin. As I think about Matthew 7:9-10, I smile at how ridiculous I am, and how amazingly wonderful our God is, was, and will always be! Test your perceived notions and views on God’s character. It may be true, but it may just be an interpretation or reflection of your own creation. There is much we don’t know about Him, but there is much we do!

Ask God to show you His true character, His relentless love for you, and His unending grace and mercy!

God Bless!

-Stacy Kageff

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Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Once upon a time, little girls were dressed in either pants, or dresses and skirts that fell no higher than mid-thigh. Or in the summer, shorts that weren’t too short.

Pre-teen girls were told annoying things by their mothers like, “No, you may not start wearing makeup yet. Now go wash that stuff off!” And Mom had a way of annoying the older teens as well: “Just where do you think you’re going, in that short skirt? I can see your cheeks, for crying out loud! And that teeny, tight top? You are not leaving this house looking like that, young lady! You just march yourself right back to your room and put on something appropriate!

Often, by the time the chagrined and irritated teen returned home, her previous outfit had mysteriously disappeared.

The Times, They Are Changing

Of course, times change, and popular styles change with the times. Nothing wrong with that, as far as it goes. But hyper-sexualizing young girls (and in some cases, boys) and calling it “fashion” or “coming of age” goes too far.

Sometimes, it’s even called comedy.

When 238 sitcoms and dramas that ran during a four-week period in 2011-2012 were examined, the results were disturbing: one-third of the episodes depicted the sexual exploitation of females. What was worse was that the likelihood of exploitation increased when a teen girl was involved. The odds that this would be palmed off on the audience as “comedy” increased as well, as 43 percent of girls were targeted by sexually exploitative jokes, compared to 33 percent for adult women.

But these weren’t merely the tired old garden-variety of questionable sexual humor. Because some of the material involved jokes about sexual violence and sex trafficking.

Then there’s the so-called beauty pageants for little girls, even toddlers, made famous by the exploitative Toddlers and Tiaras show. Mothers and makeup “artists” thickly splash the faces of the little ones with bold makeup, and outrageous fake lashes are deftly glued to tiny eyelids.

Womanly wigs and hair extensions sprout from their heads, their soft, baby-fine tresses hidden away like something shameful stashed in the back of a closet. Their tiny bodies are festooned in tight, often revealing gowns that may well be stuffed with padding in all the right places, as the girls strut down the runways in high heels that their mothers would love, if only they could get their feet into them.

Oh, but it’s all about learning the social graces, we’re told. How to dress well, how to be poised and confident. How to conduct themselves like a boss.

Right. And Toddlers and Tiaras was clean, healthy, and age-appropriate.

And Dance Moms? Oh, please. A more exploitative group/show didn’t exist, or so we thought.

Until now.

Awww. They’re Such Cuties!

Enter Cuties, the French film lauded by Those Who Are More Enlightened Than You at the Sundance Film Festival.

Amy is an 11-year-old Muslim Senegalese girl who moves to the suburbs of Paris with her mom, who is described as “quietly suffering”. This is because her husband is off picking up another wife for himself, and Amy’s mother is supposed to throw them a wedding feast upon their arrival in Paris.

As Amy struggles with her mom’s predicament and her own identity, she notices girls her age at her new school (how could she not) who appear carefree, confident, and oh so hip. They are members of a dance team called the Cuties. And boy, can they ever twerk dance. Amy watches from a distance for a time, longing to join them. To be just like them.

And she does, trading in her burqa for tiny, nothing-left-to-the-imagination painted-on hot pants, crop tops, and bikinis. Oh, and knee pads. Musn’t forget the all-important knee pads.

Gyrating across the stage, Amy and her friends engage in wholesome activities like floor humping, crotch-grabbing and rubbing, lesbian spanking, leg spreading, and worse. One scene even shows one of the girls lifting her top to expose her bare breast.

If you can stand to see this clip (note: it wouldn’t play for me on Firefox but worked with Chrome), it will be obvious why Netflix has been indicted by a Texas grand jury for child pornography.

But Wait! It’s Liberating!

Virtually anyone who believes that children should not be hypersexualized and peddled like pieces of meat would be disgusted enough to call this film soft-core kiddie porn, made for one purpose only – to cater to pedophiles.

Au contraire, says the writer and director, Maimouna Doucoure in an interview. It’s art. Or… it’s the story of a girl exploring her femininity. Well really, it’s about the dangers of social media and sexualizing young girls. No, wait – “Cuties is a deeply feminist film with an activist message,” Doucoure insists, five minutes into the interview.

And apparently, the lofty and enlightened agree. According to Forbes, the controversy swirling around the film is “… totally ridiculous.” The movie review site Rotten Tomatoes enthusiastically gushed, “Cuties is a coming-of-age film that confronts its themes with poignancy and nuance.” (Although it should be noted that while Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a rating of 86%, their audience gave it a rating of only 15%. Rotten tomatoes, indeed.) And the New Yorker whined that it was an “… extraordinary… debut that became the target of a right-wing campaign.”

Finally, Bustle blames the furor over the movie on a “botched” poster Netflix released promoting the film. But the poster Netflix released was far more honest than the French promo, a poster showing the four girls happily frolicking along the street carrying shopping bags. Just normal, exuberant pre-teens on a fun-filled shopping trip. Never mind the fact that they’re wearing their underwear on the outside of their clothes.

Still, the original poster made external underwear look like head-to-toe white gowns in comparison.

That’s because the Netflix poster showed the real raison d’etre with a shot from the obscene dance number described earlier, the girls looking for all the world like pint-sized porn stars.

Netflix profusely apologized for their gaffe and in a bizarre effort to smooth ruffled feathers, replaced the porn poster with the shopping one while irrationally assuring irate folks that all is well. The film is somehow now safe and utterly harmless.

And we’re not supposed to question the fact that Netflix itself rated the film TV-MA – for mature audiences only. Gotta’ love the irony of a movie made for a mature audience, starring little girls whose performance is so pornographic that they’re far too young to actually watch it.

Take a Look at the MAP

This flagrant violation of children would be startling and disgusting enough if the only people viewing it were those who have fantasies they’d be better off not having, but who at least never act on them. But it’s far worse than that. Many of those in the seedy underworld of pedophilia are scratching their way out of their dark closets by attempting to normalize their crimes.

In the competitive and often cutthroat worlds of business and entertainment, one way a floundering company or celebrity can execute an outstanding comeback is by reinventing and rebranding themselves. Pedophiles have borrowed this practice and have been busy rebranding themselves as MAPs – Minor Attracted Persons.

And they have plenty of help from willing accomplices in both the mainstream media and on social media. The writer of this New York Times article went so far as to argue that pedophilia should be protected under the American with Disabilities Act. But wait! There’s more (unfortunately).

In a demented – or perhaps brilliant move, MAPs are now attempting to ride the hugely successful wave of the LGBT+ community. They even have their own “Pride” flag for Gay Pride Month and are clinging tenaciously to LGTB+ coattails as they work hard to convince the community to include them.

All while branding those who disagree as hateful, demented, right-wing conspiracy kooks.

But they lose in the end.

“How terrible it will be for those who call evil good and good evil, who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness, who substitute what is bitter for what is sweet and what is sweet for what is bitter!

How terrible it will be for those who are wise in their own opinion, and clever in their own reckoning… who acquit the guilty for a bribe and deprive the innocent of justice!” – Isaiah 5:20-23

-Lynn Churchill

(cover image taken from youtube video interview linked within this post)

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Through our love & support we are igniting hope for those who have been enslaved in sexual exploitation. Also to the community through awareness education. Once the home is fully operational, victims will be able to leave Redeem and Restore Center and be more than survivors- they will be over-comers!

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