Abuse. The devasting truth that too many have endured.

Chaplain Krista:

Did you know 1 in 4 girls will experience sexual abuse before the age of 18

and 1 in 6 boys will too.

When I was in 5th grade, my life was changing in many ways. The worst was when an older boy began touching & doing inappropriate things to me .

Val: Unfortunately, I personally have experienced rape more than one occasion. First at age 14. It distorts our thought process. Its just as much emotional as physical. It changes our perspective on many things. We can see ourselves as disposable.

We have both known sexual abuse. And unfortunately many of you have too.

Sexual abuse is affecting so many people.

Thinking about they many women who are experiencing abuse in their own homes right now. Heightened tensions, more fear, more isolation. We must be careful not to judge. We do not know what happens behind closed doors.

Chaplain Krista:

If you are or were one of those affected- what have you done about it? Have you tried to ignore what happened or did you get to a point where you saw the need to go back and walk through that abuse again with new eyes.

Eventually we all do have choices. We have choices to process and heal or ignore and just survive.

Sexual abuse, as well as, emotional and physical abuse sets up people for further destruction until the abused are able to go back and walk through it and learn how to heal with support from others. Abuse is a HUGE vulnerability. Not able to see that they are a beautiful treasure meant for so much more. Not seeing their value. That is devastating.

Many have bad relationship after another. Many cannot function well in their jobs. Many have turned to drugs and alcohol to escape.

Then there are also way too many that have been manipulated by others and have become trapped into a dark world of exploitation and trafficking. They become even more sure:

· That this is all they deserve

· So trapped they cannot see that there are other options

· They are a screw-up or failure

· No one else wants them

· They are alone

· They are worthless


If we could open our hearts and pray for the women and girls being exploited right now. The internet still works and people are making appointments to pay for sex. We do know that porn is expanding at this time. The woman are still required to meet quotas. We do not know what the fall out for them when they are unable to meet those requirements.

I was recently watching First Blood with Rambo. His niece goes in search of her father and ends up becoming trapped into sex trafficking. Rambo goes in search of her in true Rambo fashion. The reality is that these women really do not have a Rambo searching for them. One part seared through to my heart. The pimp leaned over to speak to Rambo and tell him “they mean nothing to us. They mean nothing to those that pay for them. We do not care about them. They are less than human.” When people can view others less than human, that is a horrifying tragedy. A dangerous spot.


It is scary to realize that people can make such justification. But it is reality.

I ask you to Pray and ask God that you can support and even be a part of RRC. These women need us to love, restore & support them. That they may be free to be whom God created them to be. Some have never had the chance to live in freedom like you and me- unless we do something about it.

We would love to chat and hear from you!

Chaplain Krista Hull & Val Lapperuque


Through our love & support we are igniting hope for those who have been enslaved in sexual exploitation. Also to the community through awareness education. Once the home is fully operational, victims will be able to leave Redeem and Restore Center and be more than survivors- they will be over-comers!

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