Fish or Snake?

Redeem and Restore Center (RRC) in Wisconsin is committed to serving, supporting, and loving survivors of sex trafficking. RRC’s goal is to buy a home in Waukesha County, in Wisconsin to give a safe place for survivors to heal and hear about Jesus. While restoration after such complex trauma is slow, a home with appropriate trauma counseling and resources is the proven method for providing a solid foundation from which the survivor can start to rebuild their lives.

Since working with RRC, my prayer list has gotten quite lengthy, and I am certainly asking for things much bigger than I normally do.

  • Home in Waukesha County that will have 5 bedrooms (research has shown that 5 survivors is the ideal number of survivors per home), some acreage (for the chickens, goats, and maybe even horses), away from convenience stores and quick exits, etc….

  • After the $500,000 for the initial cost of the home, enough funding to sustain the home, paid staff, food, clothing, trauma counseling etc…

  • Oh, and did I mention, that there are 350,000 US Citizens sold into sex trafficking each year in the United States? There are about 55 homes in the US, and at about 5 survivors per home, you can do the math!

A few weeks ago, as my head was spinning with these numbers and the enormity of the problem was overwhelming me. I started to pray about businesses that I would specifically target in prayer; retail stores that are headquartered in Wisconsin and provide products that a home needs like home improvement stores, and furniture stores. It was then, that I thought about how great it would be in this home, if we had a big cozy sectional facing a TV over a fireplace. This would be a well-made sectional with solid construction, so it could handle the many women flopping on it after a long day. I pictured a warm color, with pillows and throws to provide not only comfort, but that feeling of home and safety that most of us have in our own living rooms, but many survivors have never had. I pictured these 5 women all stretched out, with a big ottoman in the middle, and bunny slippers sneaking out from underneath the blankets that cover each women as she is all nestled in, slurping on a Diet Coke and munching on popcorn.

It was then, that the thought crossed my mind, and out of my mouth flowed, “But, I am sure you (God) won’t let us have that sectional, since it’s me who asked!” I immediately felt in my spirit, “that isn’t true”. It all happened so fast, I had to stop and think through it; did I really just tell the Creator of the Universe that I thought He would purposefully withhold a high end sectional out of spite or because it was specifically me asking? I was projecting my own feelings of unworthiness onto God. I knew instantly, that since my statement was not true, I needed to be reminded of what was true.

“Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him? (Matt 7:9-10)

In our daily lives, we can easily project our feelings and brokenness onto God. In our limited scope and perspective, we can miss or ignore the truth about our God and His character. I felt foolish and repented of that sin. As I think about Matthew 7:9-10, I smile at how ridiculous I am, and how amazingly wonderful our God is, was, and will always be! Test your perceived notions and views on God’s character. It may be true, but it may just be an interpretation or reflection of your own creation. There is much we don’t know about Him, but there is much we do!

Ask God to show you His true character, His relentless love for you, and His unending grace and mercy!

God Bless!

-Stacy Kageff

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Through our love & support we are igniting hope for those who have been enslaved in sexual exploitation. Also to the community through awareness education. Once the home is fully operational, victims will be able to leave Redeem and Restore Center and be more than survivors- they will be over-comers!

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