The ugly, bad, and good from law enforcement

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

AND other positions of authority

We have been seeing evidence of brutality and murder from law enforcement played out on TV & social Media.

It is truly disgusting to see the actions of too many individuals using their position of authority to manipulate, harm or destroy others lives.


Unfortunately it is not limited to law enforcement. We have seen the horrifying stories of teachers, priests, and even parents- using their position of authority to manipulate, harm or destroy others lives.

Too many women who have escaped the ‘no life’ of sexual exploitation & trafficking have also been abused by police, teachers, care givers, or parents.

We see very clearly the ugliness & bad actions of people. The women we serve have shown me with vivid clarity the DEEP depths of justification, narcissism, selfishness, and horror’s that people can go to.

We do not ignore these truths but choose to focus on what is good & true. I do know many law enforcement people. People who chose this profession because they really care about people and want to make a difference and be a help within their community – within our country.

I could tell you many stories of amazing law enforcement who have gone above and beyond their job description- CHOOSING to not get a hard heart but really see the humanness of the issues they encounter.

Law enforcements job is to enforce the laws or stop people from breaking laws. See below for a snippet of regular reoccurring issues they face.

Milwaukee Police Dispatched Calls for Service (Just a few):

June 14th 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM BATTERY CUTTING 4:05 pm 1521 W SCOTT ST OVERDOSE 2:20 pm 6913 W CARMEN AV,MKE 4:36 pm N 76TH ST / W PALMETTO AV 4:47 pm 5638 N 68TH ST 6:09 pm 1506 N 28TH ST ROBBERY 3:37 am S SUPERIOR ST / E RUSSELL AV 9:47 am 2700 W CAPITOL DR 12:29 pm 2504 W WELLS ST 5:39 pm 3306 W WELLS ST 7:25 pm N 51ST BL / W CAPITOL DR 8:36 pm 2950 S CHASE AV 11:16 pm W JUNEAU AV / N 20TH ST ROBBERY ARMED 5:02 am 812 S LAYTON BL 1:00 pm 1727 W LINCOLN AV 4:56 pm 3078 N 40TH ST SHOTS FIRED 12:03 am 8842 N 95TH ST 12:16 am N 87TH ST / W MELVINA ST 12:19 am N 92ND ST / W CAPITOL DR 12:38 am 2580 S 34TH ST 12:59 am N 37TH ST / W VILLARD AV 1:19 am N 91ST ST / W DENVER AV 1:24 am 336 N MILWAUKEE ST 1:55 am N BUFFUM ST / E MEINECKE AV 2:23 am N 44TH ST / W CHAMBERS ST 2:28 am S 14TH ST / W ARTHUR AV 2:53 am 4458 N 40TH ST 3:07 am 5301 N TEUTONIA AV 3:46 am N TEUTONIA AV / W VILLARD AV 10:11 am N 33RD ST / W THURSTON AV 10:18 am N 56TH ST / W THURSTON AV 12:07 pm N 36TH ST / W ROHR AV 1:32 pm N BOOTH ST / E CHAMBERS ST 2:44 pm 4858 N 61ST ST 3:33 pm 5753 N 95TH ST 5:24 pm 4618 N 24TH PL 7:03 pm N 84TH ST / W FIEBRANTZ AV 7:14 pm N 54TH BL / W VIENNA AV 7:15 pm N 29TH ST / W CARMEN AV 8:54 pm 1138 N 21ST ST 9:01 pm N 15TH ST / W JUNEAU AV 9:03 pm 2562 N BOOTH ST 9:03 pm N 1ST ST / E KEEFE AV 9:13 pm 6115 S 3RD ST 9:25 pm 3300 N 3RD ST 9:29 pm N 40TH ST / W FOND DU LAC AV 9:47 pm 4603 N 29TH ST 9:48 pm 1800-BLK W VINE ST 9:53 pm N 49TH ST / W CENTER ST 9:57 pm 10418 W LAWN AV 9:59 pm N 2ND ST / W KEEFE AV 10:15 pm W FOND DU LAC AV / N 38TH ST 10:15 pm N 27TH ST / W TOWNSEND ST 10:22 pm N 20TH ST / W CONGRESS 10:35 pm 2010 W WALNUT ST 10:41 pm 2007 N 47TH ST 11:02 pm S 12TH ST / W WALKER ST 11:07 pm N 45TH ST / W CENTER ST 11:09 pm 2700-BLK N 41ST ST 11:09 pm N 68TH ST / W CONGRESS ST 11:18 pm 4716 N 36TH ST SHOTSPOTTER 12:01 am 3071 N 22ND ST 12:02 am 1933 S 11TH ST 12:27 am 820 W LINCOLN AV 12:41 am 2501 W HADLEY ST 12:47 am 3570 N TEUTONIA AV 12:48 am 2427 N TEUTONIA AV 1:01 am 2632 N 45TH ST 1:08 am 4500 N 26TH ST 1:19 am 3049 N 29TH ST 1:53 am 2753 N 10TH ST 2:00 am 1930 W NASH ST 2:03 am 2259 S 19TH ST 2:14 am 2169 S 13TH ST 2:18 am 3001 N 41ST ST 2:25 am 4128 W BURLEIGH ST 2:31 am 1817 W LINCOLN AV 2:35 am 2405 W FOREST HOME AV 2:38 am 2327 S 17TH ST 2:42 am 3436 N 51ST BL 2:49 am 1412 W GREENFIELD AV 2:50 am 1517 S 21ST ST 2:54 am 3463 N 13TH ST 2:58 am 3332 N 15TH ST 3:02 am 2483 S 15TH ST 3:04 am 3422 N 15TH ST 3:06 am 3279 N 14TH ST 3:08 am 3452 N 16TH ST 3:17 am 2976 N 27TH ST 3:28 am 2729 N 18TH ST 3:50 am 3232 N 30TH ST 4:27 am 1932 W CLARKE ST 5:02 am 4604 N 29TH ST 12:46 pm 1134 N 33RD ST 2:20 pm 3100 W WALNUT ST 2:22 pm 4727 N TEUTONIA AV 2:28 pm 3220 W VLIET ST 3:01 pm 2408 N 32ND ST 3:04 pm 4448 N 44TH ST 3:51 pm 2622 N 30TH ST 4:05 pm 4502 N 27TH ST 4:33 pm 2028 N 31ST ST 5:06 pm 3409 N 37TH ST 5:22 pm 2520 N 35TH ST 5:53 pm 2250 N 33RD ST 5:57 pm 2436 W KEEFE AV 6:10 pm 3533 N 27TH ST 6:31 pm 2463 W HOPKINS ST 6:49 pm 2711 W WELLS ST 7:59 pm 2228 W CAPITOL DR 8:53 pm 720 N 35TH ST 10:01 pm 1568 S 14TH ST 10:07 pm 1442 N 34TH ST 10:10 pm 3363 N 37TH ST 10:20 pm 2102 W KEEFE AV 10:28 pm 1900 W CORNELL ST 10:32 pm 4125 N ELMHURST RD 10:55 pm 1926 S 20TH ST 11:14 pm 2043 W GRANT ST 11:20 pm 3019 N 23RD ST 11:36 pm 2360 N 52ND ST 11:37 pm 1601 W HOWARD AV 11:42 pm N 47TH ST / W HADLEY ST SHOOTING 2:11 am Victim walk in at St Luke's 4:44 am Victim wak in at Froedtert 2:20 pm N TEUTONIA AV / W HAMPTON AV 4:05 pm W CORNELL ST / N TEUTONIA AV VEHICLE PURSUIT 3:13 pm 91ST /MILL 6:10 pm N 50TH ST / W CONGRESS ST

Now some good stuff...

I could tell you many stories of amazing law enforcement who have gone above and beyond their job description- CHOOSING to not get a hard heart but really see the humanness of the issues they encounter.

One beautiful story that is similar to many I could share-

a detective who saw the brokenness and helplessness of a woman who had been arrested multiple times for theft, burglary, and prostitution. AND He saw her deep connection to the pimp/trafficker that had practically beat her to death. He was able to SEE her through her damage & position.

He ended up being the one she contacted multiple times from various states as she ended up with two other traffickers. She saw that this detective valued her life, She wanted out but struggled to see how.

I have seen multiple detectives want to learn how to see and connect with those who have been so traumatized. They have to learn so many different techniques that are contrary to their original training.

Do you realize?

Law Enforcement are often the first person to come to another’s defense,

Law Enforcement is often the first person to SEE them in the destruction,

Law Enforcement is often the first person to offer protection,

Law Enforcement is the first person to show hope.

Each Fall RRC we partner with various churches & business’ in surrounding communities to do a Law Enforcement Blessing Drive.

Because of things I am hearing and seeing playout across our county- I feel now is the time to start this year. Everything we have been planned has been postponed so why not move another event up in the timeline for a change!

This also fits within our theme of the “Summer of Small things!”

“Not everyone can do big things, but many people can do small things with love that make a BIG impact.”

If you would like to learn more- check out this link in our website:

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Through our love & support we are igniting hope for those who have been enslaved in sexual exploitation. Also to the community through awareness education. Once the home is fully operational, victims will be able to leave Redeem and Restore Center and be more than survivors- they will be over-comers!

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