Finding Treasure in Trials

A Life Empowered Webinar 
Tuesday, February 9 at 6:30pm

Life is full of trials.  Suffering, abuse, unmet longings, loss, heartache, etc


Can you really find treasure from pain??     WE BELIEVE YOU CAN! 


Let us lead you to SEE MORE CLEARLY.   Be empowered to live more wholehearted and alive. Finding your gifts of opportunities to be more free and have more joy.

YOU are invited to join us for this interactive webinar!


THIS is for ANYONE!!  We share personal stories, reflections for your engagement and tools to use! 


Led by:

*Dena Ziebell a Life & Soul Coach

*Jodi Vickary of Peace by Piece

*Krista Hull of Redeem and Restore Center


Drawing for (3) FREE gifts! Handouts of resources & tools for each attendee.


(Funds collected for class will be a donation to non-profit Redeem and Restore Center) 



1-Krista Hull presents finding joy in the journey and ends with reflective questions for you to process 

2-Jodi Vickary presents on loss and grief and ends with reflective questions for you to process 

3- Dena Ziebell presents on pressures of life become gifts to find beauty and ends with reflective questions for you to process 

We conclude with one last reflective question for you to process and then move into Q & A

Closing with drawings for Free gifts!



Join us Mother's Day weekend as we come together for a half marathon and 5K to celebrate and honor not just the women in our lives but the women and men who support them, too. An event where everyone can come and just BE YOU.  


We are a sponsor and partner with this great event on Saturday May 8.


The course will take you through downtown Oconomowoc with views of beautiful Lake Fowler and Lake Lac La Belle that are sure to please.


Through our love & support we are igniting hope for those who have been enslaved in sexual exploitation. Also to the community through awareness education. Once the home is fully operational, victims will be able to leave Redeem and Restore Center and be more than survivors- they will be over-comers!

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