Our Problem

We are fighting an industry that hides in plain sight.

It is shattering lives, destroying families, and rendering victims hopeless and isolated.


Human Trafficking is a large, very complex issue that is entangled in many other issues like broken families, cultural sexualization, drugs, runaways, etc.  Its all about Manipulation & VULNERABILITY.

  • Domestic Human Trafficking is documented in all 72 counties of WI

  • Over 300,000 US citizens are forced into prostitution/ trafficking annually

  • 66-90% of adults in the sex industry were victims of child abuse and/or trafficking

  • Victims need a complex & comprehensiveset of services because of the many layers of trauma they endured

  • There are about 52 restoration homescurrently in the USA


This industry is domestic human trafficking; its leaders are the pimps/traffickers, the products are human lives, and the demand of buyers are growing exponentially through the ease and anonymity of technology. It may seem overwhelming, but together we truly can make a difference.


Together, we will be able to love, restore, and support women victims of domestic sex trafficking

into beautiful survivors. Fight with us, Fight for Hope!


Through our love & support we are igniting hope for those who have been enslaved in sexual exploitation. Also to the community through awareness education. Once the home is fully operational, victims will be able to leave Redeem and Restore Center and be more than survivors- they will be over-comers!

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PO Box 342

Pewaukee WI 53072

E: admin@redeemandrestore.org